Monday, May 8, 2017


by Pastor Teirrah McNair


Friends, time to shore up the auntie love, the cousin love, the bff love, the granny, the uncle, the grandpa, the poppy love, the hermano, hermana, the kâinga love, los tíos love, the daddy love, co-worker, the neighbor love, just Be-cause

Time to rep’ Jesus love like you were on steroids, that just be-cause love, shore it up

Time to agree with the Word as recorded in Psalms 27:10 that reads ‘when my mother and father forsake me then the Lord will take me up’

Time to be the vessel God can use for the taking up of those who need lifting up because for some…. the soon to come holiday comes with memories and raw emotions
Time to step up and step in following the precise instructions of the Comforter who dwells in you for such a time as this

A time of taking up for those who need lifting up
Amen and amen.



Come Comforter.

Set a platform this week for all who need extra.
Equip your Body with the words and gestures to dispense extra healing balm in all the right places. Lord, fill every void from loss with a hunger for more of you Lord.

O Comforter come.
Fuel every willing vessel with abundant oil of joy so that our hearts and hands and mouthes are filled with the scent of your presence.

O come Comforter come.

Where hearts are hardened and unforgiveness and brokenness wreaks havoc, Lord flood us with your healing breakthrough power.

Lord, please answer the yoke of grief this week with your precious anointing and let the comfort of your presence flow generously throughout the land.

O come Comforter come.



Thirsty. Love the inventiveness of this generation especially with the language. Love that this ‘call it as they see it’ generation uses the term thirsty to mean a person desperate and needy.

Well be it herewith known that I AM THIRSTY. I am desperate. I want God now more than ever. I can’t get enough of His presence. I am that deer panting by the water brook the psalmist spoke of in Psalm 42 verse 1.

I am thirsty and I will not settle for the counterfeit, the quasi, the watered down…Give me 100 proof Jesus straight up—no chaser.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Earlier today as I was getting dressed to teach up yonder in the hills of Hillsborough, I heard this still small voice whisper to me to put on my new boots.
Well now, I had been avoiding putting the boots back on because they were new and snug and a might uncomfortable the last time I wore them. In my mind the solution was to take them to the local cobbler and have him stretch them. Even after I heard the voice of the Lord I thought well maybe I’ll just swing by that cobbler and see if he can adjust or stretch them for me right quick. I decided instead to obey and put the boots on. I got to Hillsborough and that wind was so fierce and so cold that all I could say was thank you Lord that my feet are warm and cozy.
As I got to my classroom I began to think about how easy it is to fail to obey God as we make the transition from uncomfortable to comfortable. In our humanness we forget that He is the God of comfort and knows well how to smooth move us through these life’s transitions. I am so glad that there is no situation big or small that He can’t see us through. Those boots needed breaking in by the one that was going to be wearing them and with each step I took this afternoon they felt better and better and better.I needed to participate in the stretching and adjusting to get to that place where I could walk with ease. I guess I needed to experience a little discomfort to get to the place of comfort I found.

Aren’t you glad that our God can use simple things to teach us how to walk this walk victoriously? What a mighty wise God we serve.