Friday, April 1, 2016

An Encounter At The Nail Salon

I had a wonderful experience at a nail salon today here in Hayward. I was in the chair hawk-like watching both the feet and hand technicians when a couple of young sisters came in. I was the only customer in the shop at the time so I was glad for the company. The sisters tarried over the nail polish and then took a seat just a station away from where I was. The taller of the two spoke, "Hi Ma’am" and I returned with a "Well hello there" and then I returned to my watching and she to her robust conversation with her buddy. When my technicians finished and left me to dry the young sister said “I’m sorry, Ma’am I am so sorry’ and then turned to her friend and said, “Girl, I don’t cuss in front of my elders.”

I must have drifted off in my thoughts because I didn’t hear any such language. Oh well, I thought to myself and leaned back in my chair to relax but I sensed a quickening in my spirit and I knew that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to say something to her. Just as I was about to open my mouth another technician gestured for me to come to the eyebrow arching chair across the way. I strolled over to where the archer stood with wax in hand thinking I’m going to seize this opportunity. The technician zapped my loose gray brow strands and all I could think of was the scripture I had posted on Facebook earlier that day. I couldn’t think of the chapter or verse but I remembered Proverbs.

The second that technician finished I had her snatch that cotton from between my toes and I jetted to an empty seat right next to that apologizing young sister. I don’t even remember looking at my brows to see if they were right. I sat and said, “Sister let me share something with you” and then fumbled with my less than an I phone to get an internet connection. She introduced herself while I fumbled and I did the same.

My phone would not cooperate so I said, “Sister that was a special thing you did apologizing for your language. I don’t hear a lot of that from your generation and I appreciate the respect. But I tell you, I posted this scripture in Proverbs on Facebook earlier and it had to do with your words and health. It said pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. You probably already know that our immune system is in the marrow in our bones and a whole bunch of diseases come from weakened immune systems. They say I have arthritis and when I thought about it a few minutes ago I remembered that I cussed like a sailor from the 6th grade to the day I got saved. I am looking at your beautiful smile and I bet you never thought that the words you speak might mess with your health down the way.”

She said, “No, ma’am. I hadn’t thought of that

I said, “Pleasant words, sister, remember to let pleasant words come out of your mouth so you can be as healthy as you are beautiful.”

She said, “Yes, Ma’am, I won’t forget. Thank you. It was good meeting you.”… and such and so and I said the same because it was… a good meeting…it really was.

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