Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Soul is a War Zone!

Yes, the battle is in the mind but if you zoom out and view the bigger picture you will discover that our entire soul (thoughts, feelings and choices) is a war zone.

Jesus uses the word belly to refer to the soul in John 7:38. What a brilliant way to make His point plain. How many times have you said, “If only I had gone with my gut (belly)?”

Friends, know that those gut feelings are the Spirit of the Lord directing your path. In John 7:38 we read,

In other words when we believe, (i.e. put our trust and confidence in Jesus) we are blessed with a constant flow of His guidance. When we believe and then go another way, we might as well be swimming upstream.

Here’s a poignant example from my book—“The Way of The Holy Spirit” to shed one final beam of light on this subject.

“Has anybody else ever been in line at the supermarket, looked over at the dish detergent less than ten feet away and ignored the feeling that you should get out of line and grab a bottle? That was a long question, but I want to make an important point here. You see, that look back and attention focused on the dish detergent, even for a fleeting moment, was a communication from the Holy Spirit. He drew my eyes to the detergent and in my gut impressed me with a clear 'you need that'. It was a fleeting thought but I know that I know it was Him. I overrode that impression and of course you know what happened. I got home and sure enough there was one greasy fish pot that needed washing and less than a pin head of detergent left…”

The Way of the Holy Spirit: How Sweet it is To Be Led By Him

#Now say ouch if it hits you

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