Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Want To Be A Grace Giver?

After yesterday I had to revisit Ephesians 4:29, especially the part about our words, our talk giving grace to those who hear. At first I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if once spoken we could delete or retract the words we spoke in error. Not possible. Won’t happen. But then I began to think, wouldn’t it be a so much more worthwhile pursuit to make our words a gift of grace to those who hear. Giving at its highest and best is thoughtful, loving and often requires great care. Grace is unmerited favor which means the receiver is neither deserving of nor can he or she do anything to get it. Imagine speaking words that are thoughtful, loving, and carefully chosen exquisitely wrapped with a label that says “ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED”. In our humanity we are always skeptical of anything unconditional. But that’s just how the grace of God operates. So, how about we allow the divine in us to rise and reign and freely give that which we have been freely given.

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