Sunday, January 4, 2015

Two Words, One Scripture--Day 4

I can’t imagine why anyone would half step when it comes to praising God. High praise is unconditional and does not depend on circumstances or feelings. High praise is your best sound to let the Lord and anyone else listening know that you appreciate Him.
It just makes sense to couple high praise with that two-edged sword also known as the Word of God. You get into and start working the Word and allowing the Word to work in your life, you can’t help but give God your best praise. It’s better than exciting to have your eyes opened to the truth about everything. Where else can you make one stop and get encouragement, direction, hope, instruction, inspiring stories, wisdom and a love letter with your name on it? That sword is described as two-edged because there is something in it for you and for somebody on your pathway too.
Friends, we may not know what 2015 may look like but it is mighty glorious to know that our God has given us keys to make our way sweet. Now somebody ought to comment Hallelujah!

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