Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Twas the Tuesday before Christmas and all through the house......

It’s Healing Tuesday and my worship is for real. When I think of worship I think of a courtship that hits the mark. It’s a chase, a courting for as long as it takes and then the victory and then the celebration because of the victory. I am convinced that the man who would succeed in capturing my heart today would have need of the Holy Spirit to court me cause I am a daughter of the most high God and kind of particular. The man would have to consult the Lord about all the little details that would be pleasing to me. He’d have to ask the Lord how to get my attention and then he’d have to be attentive. He would do well to read my books and get a good sense of how I think and well acquainted with the causes I care about. He would have to invest time in getting to know me and to love being in my presence just because. He’d have to make such an impression on me that I would find myself talking about him and singing his praises all the time. Before long I would reciprocate and even attempt to outdo him in the area of discovering what it takes to please him and doing that often…..And so on and so on and so on. So, as I think about worship I think about a moment by moment opportunity to chase and court my God. I don’t know everything about Him so I have to read His book consistently. I have to, just have to spend time in His presence, and I have to do what it takes to get His attention and to be attentive always. I daily have to invest time in getting to know the little things that please Him. Then I have to do those things consistently. Even when my life gets busy and the demands are many I still have to, have to make time for Him. He is my King after all. Now somebody say Amen. (For courting scriptures and other matters related to successful living in Christ, why not hop over to Amazon books and bless your own self with a copy of The Way of Salvation and/or The Way of The Holy Spirit (both on Kindle ready for download now.) http://amzn.com/e/B0076ZX7W0

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