Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanking God for His Glory!

Dare you to do a glory check. Take a good look around you and in you and you will see evidence that says 'now that had to be God'. I'm sitting on the edge of my bed completely insulated, protected from the elements. I slept well last night. That’s the glory of God. He didn’t just keep me through the night. He kept me warm and protected, even comfortable. The scene could have been different. I could have had to sleep in my car with one eye open and teeth shivering. I could have spent the night tossing and turning and searching for a position that wouldn’t cramp my neck or stiffen my back. I could have gone to bed hungry and had to listen to a symphony of growls in my stomach. I could have slept under a bench last night, could have gone to bed last night and not awakened at all but not so. I see His glory in everything. The earth is full of God’s glory. I see His glory in gorgeous mountaintops, and phenomenal cloud formations, the way the sun hits a body of water just so I can see my reflection. I see God’s glory in my resting and in my moving. I see God’s glory –proof of His presence, His goodness, His power in everything. I see His glory at my address and in my biography because there is no way I would be here today if it were not for the goodness of God. The fact that I can sit here on the edge of my bed and think and write with clarity and sanity has to be God. I am overwhelmed by His manifest glory in my life and in my environment. He didn’t just keep me last night, He kept me all those years when I was trying to live without His keeping, trying to be free, grown, 21, large and in charge, trashing body and mind---getting the same sorry results from making the same tore up God-free decisions, yet He kept me just like He kept me last night. The earth is full of the glory of God and wherever I go, whatever I do I just want to be so in sync with God’s plan that there is evidence of His glory in my life. That’s my part in the big picture and I make a conscious choice to cooperate and agree with His plan and His timing for the day. I choose to let Him use me to deposit a little more of His glory in the earth with everything I say and do. What about you? 4

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