Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dear God, Take Over This Place!

According to ABC News---HEAT ADVISORY! Today will be the hottest day of the week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Highs will be 19° to 23° warmer than average. Thank you God for the sun and the Son. Thank you for another opportunity to praise your glorious name. Lord, in Psalm 148 you said all creation—fire, hail, snow, stormy winds, beasts, kings, priests, judges and all the people fulfill your word and praise your name. Count me and my halleluia in that number today. Father, I pray that the precious purifying fire of the Holy Spirit will catch hold of our hearts and do a mighty cleansing work today. Lord, create in us clean hearts first and then do a work in our families, neighborhoods, states and nations. Lord, cause us to decrease so that you may increase in us. We acknowledge that above all today, what the world needs is more of you Lord. May our every decision, every interaction today reflect the wisdom of your holy Word. Give us the courage and the common sense to invite you into those areas we are weak in. Prosper us in our minds, will and emotions today so that we might prosper and be in good health. As sickness of body and mind rages in this hour help us to remember the benefits of those stripes you took at Calvary. Even as the sun looms large today Lord help us to get our focus on the Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, our Lord and King. Whatever the weather, wherever we are, we choose today to be more thankful than ever and to bless you with all that is within us. As the song says, take over this place. Take over our hearts, take over our cities and do that cleansing work in Jesus name I pray. Amen