Monday, July 30, 2012

Excerpt from The Way of The Holy Spirit: How Sweet It Is To Be Led by Him

....The only downside of the building I moved into was that at night I was the only occupant.  The daycare downstairs closed at 6:30 and the various congregations were rarely there after nine at night.  For the most part it was me and Jesus.  Needless to say after I moved in, on any day that I  was out and about past sunset I would camp on Pastor Jean's or somebody's else’s couch.  You see there was a long dark walkway between the street and the stairs that led to my front door and I just couldn't seem to bring myself to take that walk after dark by myself.

 To make a long story short though, I was growing in the Lord and one wintry, windy Saturday night there were so many strange noises in that building that I started to panic.  That same night I clearly heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say, “Go see what that noise is”. It was unmistakably God and I had a choice to make.  Fortunately for me I chose to trust and obey the Lord.  I grabbed a lampstand, opened my back door which led into one of the building's hallways and discovered that the slamming and banging noises I was hearing were some old rickety windows that had come loose from the frames and were swinging back and forth.  That night was the beginning of the Lord leading me out of  that fear place I had lived in for so many years.  He didn't do it all at once; He gently led me out one step at a time.

A year or so after that night I knew I was making progress when I came home, discovered that all the security lights were out in the back and kept walking toward my stairs. As a matter of fact, I kept walking even after I looked up on my porch and saw a pair of beady little eyes leering back at me. Turns out that it was a possum that refused to budge even after I yelled and stomped 'get' at the top of my lungs.  That possum wasn't intimidated by anything I did or said.  I kept walking though, walking and swallowing.   
Everything inside of me said God did not give me the Spirit of fear.  He gave me love, power, and a sound mind.  I stomped up those creaky wooden steps and still the possum glared at me with those beady eyes.  As I approached the top of the steps, I saw that there was sufficient room for me to put my key in the door without having to battle with that  beady eyed possum and I kept walking.  I threw my shoulders back like in a Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) movie and said aloud, “This is my house and the He that is in me is greater than the he that is in the world.” I put my key in the door, opened it, stepped in, closed it, double-bolted it, looked out the window and saw those beady eyes still glaring.  But thanks be to God I was inside, safe, secure and thankful. 
In fact I have never been so thankful in my life.....
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