Sunday, June 17, 2012

Stuck in traffic?

In the San Francisco Bay Area it was a week of snarl ups, traffic congestion, blockages and all sorts of tie ups to hinder us from reaching our various destinations. So, what did you do with your waiting time? Raise your hand if you fussed. Did frustration jump in your car and take a seat? Did you do like my daddy used to do and roll down the window and holler? Did you do like I did on Friday when I saw the road block ahead?—I dashed into a turn lane, got off that path only to be tied up on another thoroughfare down the way.

Oooh Lordy and then later that evening after a very exhausting day, I got on the back road to avoid the parking lot on the freeway only to discover that that pathway was blocked too. Now mind you I needed badly to get to my destination. I left work with a one track mind. I said to my co-workers—I am going directly to the nail shop. Then I’m going home and get in my bed.

Now at first read you might think that my destination was not significant, maybe even trivial. Well you wouldn’t say that if you had seen my crusty feet. This is sandal weather here in sunny California and pedi’s have to be cured. I’m headed to the shop even as I write and be assured the nail technicians will need power tools to bring my sorely neglected and crusty feet to a state where they can be exposed in public places. Lord have mercy and thanks be to God for the weekend. (LOL)

In the midst of all of the week’s congestion I began to think about how natural circumstances speak so clearly to spiritual issues in our lives.

There are no coincidences when you walk with the Lord, so this was without a doubt a week designed to open our eyes. I asked myself this morning, now what’s blocking me from reaching my destination in Christ? God wants me whole. He wants me looking like Him so I can impact a lost and dying generation. So, what’s blocking me from getting to my divine destination? You can ask yourself that question too. What is the root cause of the congestion in our lives?

A few weeks back on Mother’s Day I blogged about unforgiveness issues with my Mom that had me ‘stuck in traffic’ for years. Since this is the month we celebrate Father’s Day many of us may be dealing with trust issues because our dads abandoned us either physically or emotionally. As a result we don’t trust our Heavenly Father because our earthly fathers failed to provide the validation, protection and provision we needed. Unfortunately, that transplanted lack of trust we freely issue to our Heavenly Father makes all of our relationships crusty—kind of like my feet. Now somebody ought to say Lord have mercy because the very one we don’t want to or are afraid to trust is precisely the one we need. Do you see the congestion here, the traffic snarl ups? Trust issues tie up traffic in our lives. We hold onto the wrong folk and mutilate and let go the people who are in our lives for our good. It’s a mess only God can heal.

Well, heads up. Jesus died and took the stripes for the sickness in my soul just like He did for the sickness in my body. (Isaiah 53:5) God is the Great Physician and those tweaks, renovations, those minor and major ‘spiritual surgeries’ that we need in our lives are par for the course for our God. Now is that good news or what?

I am a living breathing witness that my God is a healer. When I was stuck on alcohol God miraculously took the taste of alcohol out of my mouth. But that was just step one in my treatment plan. I was relieved and highly blessed with that first taste of freedom but God had complete restoration in mind. (Philippians 1:6) I had to give Him room to bring me out.

Now of course there were blocks and traffic jams along the way. There were a few altercations with issues that did not want to leave and some ‘knock down, drag out battles’ with issues I didn’t want to let go. But as the Psalmist says I had to learn to wait patiently on the Lord. (Psalm 40:1) I had to cooperate completely with His prescribed treatment plan. Along the way I had to forgive myself when I faltered and believe that God would lead me back every time onto the path of righteousness. I had to seek godly counsel and I had to seek the Lord so I would know legitimate godly counsel when it came my way. (Psalm 1:1) I had to make the Lord my final authority on everything even when my emotions were screaming ‘not so’. (Colossians 3:15 ) Most of all I had to keep reminding myself that my God loves me unconditionally. (Romans 5:8) God loved me when I was totally ‘tore up from the floor up’ and He loved me when I was resisting His fixing up.

As I get ready now to go take care of my feet issue I can’t help but give a shout out of praise to my God for being a God who cares even about the little things in our lives. When I think about how many little soul ‘traffic jams’ God has gotten me out of, my soul shouts hallelujah. I am so thankful that He blessed me with the good sense to finally let Him do the driving in my life.
Nowadays when traffic slows my busy life down, I thank God for a few extra moments to spend with Him. God’s got it all under control, so I might as well enjoy the ride.

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