Monday, May 14, 2012

A Soul Shaping Birthday Salute to Author Jean Ferguson

On behalf of Soul Shaping Publications, it is my privilege and great delight to publish the first book by my teacher, former Pastor and spiritual parent—Pastor Jean Ferguson. It is no coincidence that her first work is on the subject of intercessory prayer because Pastor Jean is first and foremost an intercessor.  I am a living breathing witness that she lives the word she preaches and now writes about. I can't even imagine where I would be now without the over 20 years of prayer the Lord led her to invest in my life. Her book One of the Greatest Calls of All, like her Sunday morning messages is bathed in prayer, is written under the anointing  of the Holy Spirit and is delivered to you with love.

May 17 is Pastor Jean’s birthday and I invite you to honor her life and this wonderful work by purchasing your copy today.  You will be so glad you did and your prayer life will not be the same.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

In my early days as an intercessor, the Lord would give me something to pray for a person or a situation and there would be no evidence that prayer was needed. I would be afraid that I was off because no one else had heard the prayer need and some of the situations seemed far fetched.  In those days, I would write the prayer concern down and give it to the person I was praying for. Afterwards, I would continue to pray as the Holy Spirit directed me.  As God would have it, I learned that I was right and that God was using me to bring heaven and earth in harmony (Matthew 18:18) before the sickness came on or before the situation became a problem.

I remember one time we owned a trailer that had a butane gas tank on the back of it.  It was parked in our driveway and for about two or three days the Lord had me coming against the house catching on fire and the children being burned.  I didn’t make the connection.  I just obeyed.  On the third day after God had me praying, two cars had a wreck on the corner and one of them sailed onto the sidewalk and came within inches of hitting that butane tank. That butane tank would have exploded on impact but for God....

One of The Greatest Calls of All: The Ministry of Intercession by Jean Ferguson

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  1. It's 2013 and time to celebrate the birthday of the incomparable Pastor I. Jean Ferguson. Don't just buy the book. Leave a review at Amazon. Thank God for you!!!!