Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Forward with Great Reads

Soul Shaping Publications Catalogue

Children’s Books and DVD’s

The Adventures of Martin Tyrone Sanchez Dupree(book) Ages 8-12 years…ISBN9780984249411..Martin Tyrone is grounded for the holiday weekend and must spend the time thinking about his crime and entertaining himself with no electronic devices. Boys and girls will be captivated by Martin’s wild imagination. Written by Teirrah McNair & illustrated by Derrick Polk.

Lucille Nadine Alexander’s Birthday (the book) Ages 4-9 years ISBN 9781599163864 
The nativity story told thru the eyes of a 7 year old who shares her birthday with Jesus Christ and believes that both Jesus and she should get what they want for Christmas. Written by Teirrah McNair & Illustrated by Eric Ward…

Lucille Nadine Alexander’s Birthday (read along DVD) Ages 3-7 years… ISBN 9780984249497  In the beginning was the storybook. Now Lucille is on DVD. That's right; it's a talking storybook and children can read along with Lucille.

Adult and Young Adult Titles

The Way of Salvation: Getting Started with Jesus Christ by Teirrah McNair.. ISBN 978-0-9842494-0-4  A refreshment in the basics of salvation, this quick and easy reader is chock full of practical strategies for successful living.

The Way of The Holy Spirit: How Sweet It Is To Be Led by Him by Teirrah McNair..ISBN 9780984249442 This book gives the 'ready to grow' Christian practical examples of how to discover the sweetness in allowing God to have His way in their lives.

One of The Greatest Calls of All:The Ministry of Intercession by Jean Ferguson ISBN9780984249435…An excellent tool to equip Christians to pray the will of God.

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