Friday, March 9, 2012

Goodbye Worry

Illustration by Margaret Thomas

I am cancelling my subscription to Worry Inc. today.
It takes up much too much space in my house and contributes absolutely nothing to my well being.
So, a great big adios and a see ya' to you,Worry.

Oh, and please don't even try to come sneaking back in here on the sly.
My guard is up. You are finished and the perfect peace of God has taken your place.

It is simply scandalous anyway-- all the havoc I have allowed you to cause in my mind and my emotions.
Well thanks be to God you're through here, Worry.

There will be no goodbye kiss and no, you will not be missed.
Read the sign on my heart: Worry is no longer welcome here.

You've been replaced with the peace of God, the perfect peace of God. So there.

Let everything that hath breath up in this temple say praise the Lord, yea, praise ye the Lord.
T. McNair

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